Positive quotes of the day


1. Offer to take on new challenges and responsibilities in the workplace, creating new potential areas to work on if necessary.


2. Make sure you take the time to do the things you like to do outside of work, activities that channel your creativity and energy.


3. Listen to music that particularly inspires you, read motivational books, talk to inspiring people and surround yourself with positive stimuli.

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4. Continue cultivating your past relationships with colleagues. You never know about when you are might crossing paths again in your business.


5. Do not over promise and under deliver, but instead, maintain credibility by doing follow-up work to always meet your commitments.


6. The more you pursue your passion, the more compelling – strong your story will be when you share it with someone or friends either by email or in person.

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7. Every night, think of three positive things from the day, this is another way experiencing gratitude but it’s more introspective.


8. Be generous with yourself. For example, make your bed in the morning as small comfort for when you’re tired after a long day.


9. Show up early. Even if bosses say they don’t care they do. Nothing tarnishes your reputation( status), more quick-fast than being from that person.


10. Be flexible. It is great and important to start with a vision but do not be so in love with your vision that you cannot ben.

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11. Be direct anything else is a waste of valuable time (your and others).


12. Identify your tasks. Work is most motivating- inspire when it’s clear what, exactly, you are accomplishing-goals.


13. Try to structure your days so that you’re working on different type of tasks (and thus you are making use of different type of skills) throughout the day.


14. Working in a team involves working with a variety of different personality types. A good team member encourages them to their best.


15. A good team player demonstrates commitment to the task at hand and a willingness to be available to work on team objectives.

inspirational quotes for the day 


16. Work hard enough to achieve results-goals and see how motivated( excite, inspirit) you are to achieve further successes-goals as you excel in your performance.


17. Once your vision is clear and you have a set of reasonable objectives, the secret of success is hard work and perseverance.


18. Aim to ride the wave of each success and channel the positive energy to achieving similar performance in your next task.


19. Good team players are willing to share information and experience. They take the initiative to keep other teams members informed.


20. Teams need team players who can understand and consider ideas-plan from other peoples without debating-discussing and arguing – maintain every point.

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21. While working in a team, try finish off the given task on time so that overall work is not affected.


22. During working hours avoid making personal calls to others, sending personal emails to your fellows any or taking long lunch breaks or others.

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23. Set up quarterly meetings with your boss to stay on track with your professional development.


24. Also Join your industry professional associations in your company and attend monthly events.


25. A team environment can boost the confidence (belief) of individuals(person), allowing them to do their best work.