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Motivational Words (1)

1.To do-lists are your best friends. They can increase you productivity by 20 percent, help to clear your mind, and save you energy and stress.


Motivational Words (2)

2. Seek out someone who has already gone through the ropes and who you can learn from.


Motivational Words (3)

3. It’s important to list the tasks you have and to sort these in order of priority, and then to devote most time to the most important tasks.


Motivational Words (4)

4. Prioritize. Do urgent and important tasks first, not the easy things.


Motivational Words (5)

5. Be deliberate or international about everything you do. That means demonstrating productivity and maintaining high energy levels as you work.


Motivational Words (6)

6. Study your superiors. Learning from their example is incredibly valuable.


Motivational Words (7)

7. Be creative and innovative in the workplace. Contribute your ideas and think outside of the box.


Motivational Words (8)

8. No matter where your stress is coming from, it’s not doing you any good (fine, quality, superior) until you learn (absorb, assimilate) how to address (inscription, label, mark) it.


Motivational Words (9)

9. Focus on making a big impact immediately. The quicker you make an impact (collision, crash, and smash) in a company the more attention (awareness, notice) and support you will get.


Motivational Words (10)

10. Take risks early and often in your career. By taking a risk (possibility, chance), you are putting yourself in a position (place, situation, spot) to learn, whether you succeed or fail.


Motivational Words (11)

11. It is tremendously essential (crucial, necessary, key) that you can work well (effectively, expertly) with others if you want to be successful.


Motivational Words (12)

12. For a couple of days, take an inventory of how you spend (expend, disburse) your time to find out(perceive, learn, detect) where and how you are wasting(misspend, misuse) it.


Motivational Words (13)

13. Efficiency and effectiveness are not the same, Be effective and focus on important tasks.


Motivational Words (14)

14. Learn to differentiate between the important (key, major) and the urgent (critical, crucial, sore). What’s important (main, chief) is not always urgent. What’s urgent is not always important.


Motivational Words (15)

15. Keep your work space tidy (neat, orderly) so that you can work efficiently (productive, skilled). It’s hard to this if things you need to find are buried under a file of paper.


Motivational Words (16)

16. Make a to-do list (electronic or paper). Put the most important (key, major, salient,) item first and work down from there.


Motivational Words (17)

17. A daily list of tasks (job, duty, and chore) that need to be done is an essential (crucial, necessary, key) part of action planning (activity, movement, and work) refers to and update this regularly.


Motivational Words (18)

18. Avoid procrastination; the best time to do something is usually now.


Motivational Words (19)

19. Action planning, set clearly defined goals and break tasks down in to steps and do one at a time.


Motivational Words (20)

20. Be modest if you do right, don’t take pride in it. Never state that you told that so.


Motivational Words (21)

21. Put emphasis on the importance of small gestures. Make eye contact and shake hands.


Motivational Words (22)

22. Be on good terms (idiom, locution) with your past employers (boss, manager) and keep in touch. No door is overly closed unless you allow being.


Motivational Words (23)

23. Try to keep personal relationships (connection, relation) out of the workplace (office, home, etc.). They can be messy and you don’t want it to interfere (inhibit, restrict, restrain) with the success (favorable outcome) of your work.


Motivational Words (24)

24. Be flexible. Your role will change often. Remember new experience is new knowledge.


Motivational Words (25)

25. A paper is flying in is due to luck, but a kite flying in air is due efforts… so don’t worry if luck (good fortune, good luck, success) doesn’t support… efforts (attempt, try, and endeavor) are always yours…