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500 tips for job interview (1)

1. Texting during your interview is not only rude and disruptive, but it’s a pretty clear message that getting the job is not your top priority.

500 tips for job interview (2)

2. Don’t set very high expectations even if your interview went very well, do keep in mind rejection and prepare for it.

500 tips for job interview (3)

3. During interview try to speak in English with good pronunciation.

500 tips for job interview (4)

4. Don’t carry too much things with you in interview room. It will show you unorganized.

500 tips for job interview (5)

5. Prepare a reference list, whether you think you will be asked for it or not.

500 tips for job interview (6)

6. Use the words kindly, thank you, please. It will leave a good impression on your interviewer.

500 tips for job interview (7)

7. When first reading your resume, ignores typos and think about the overall message your resume is sending.

500 tips for job interview (8)

8. Your resume should get very specific (particular) when giving your accomplishments (act, achievement, deed). Talk facts, figures and numbers.

500 tips for job interview (9)

9. The more truthful you are on your resume, the better you will be to discuss your past experience during your interview.

500 tips for job interview (10)

10. Conduct as many informational (knowledge) interviews as possible with personal contacts (communicate with) to gain confidence (trust, belief, faith).

500 tips for job interview (11)

11. The interviewer really does not need to know your whole life story (describe the whole life). Keep your answers succinct (concise, short, brief, compact), to the point and focus.

500 tips for job interview (12)

12. You should always have some questions (to ask for it) for your interviewer to demonstrate (indicate, signify, signal, reveal, bespeak) your interest (attention, absorption) in the position.

500 tips for job interview (13)

13. Plan your route, allowing extra time for any unexpected (sudden, abrupt, surprising, unannounced) delays (make late, slow up/down) and get everything you need to take with you.

500 tips for job interview (14)

14. Make sure your shoes are polished, your clothes fit correctly and that your accessories (extra, attachment, addition) are subtle (change or distinction). It gives a good impression (feeling, opinion).

500 tips for job interview (15)

15. When you go for interview wait until you offered a chair before sitting. Sit upright (strictly honorable or honest) and always look alert and interested.

500 tips for job interview (16)

16. Do not get sidetracked (distracted from important issue) and start talking about your personal life your spouse (a husband or wife), your home life or your children.

500 tips for job interview (17)

17. When you go for interview, it is imperative to look professional and polished. Your attire may vary based on the position you are applying for.

500 tips for job interview (18)

18. Be prepared. Update your CV now and continue to update it regularly.

500 tips for job interview (19)

19. Pick the right tools. Doing short time courses (for experience) with certification tests (give strength to your resume) might add valuable weight (helpful, of use, of help) to your CV.

500 tips for job interview (20)

20. It’s understandable that some of your older experiences (participation in, contact with) may be hard to recall (remember, recollect). Review (analysis, evaluation, assessment) the facts before your interview.

500 tips for job interview 21

21. If you are truly dedicated to the job, your dedication will not go unnoticed.

500 tips for job interview 22

22. In your resume highlight your current skills and certifications which are applicable to the job.

500 tips for job interview 23

23. Before appearing to an interview do a little bit research about the company.

500 tips for job interview 24

24. Never underestimate the importance of making a good first impression.

500 tips for job interview 25

25. Maintain eye contact with your potential employer, and pay attention throughout the entire interviewing process.

500 tips for job interview 26

26. Your dream job might show up anytime. Always keep your CV updated, and continue to update it regularly.

500 tips for job interview 27

27. A job, even a great or a fantastic career | job doesn’t give your life meaning or not give you hopeless, at least not by itself.

500 tips for job interview 28

28. Keep up current news in your field. Read articles and blogs keep your knowledge updated

500 tips for job interview 29

29. Support statements about yourself with examples. It adds legitimacy to your claims. Without them, the interviewer won’t accept as valid.

500 tips for job interview 30

30. Don’t appear desperate. Don’t try these words, When you interview with “Please, please hire me”, Don’t don’t try it, you appear desperate (hopeless) and less confident.

500 tips for job interview 31

31. It is important to bring energy, interest and enthusiasm (eagerness, keenness) to the interview and to ask questions, but do not overstep (beyond or exceed) your place as a candidate looking or a job.


32. Be enthusiastic (eager, keen) about your career | job and what you have achieved (attain, reach), but avoid unnecessary (not needed) detail.


33. Don’t think of the interview as applying for a job (be prepare for it). Think of it as doing an investigation (inquiry, inspection) to see if the organization or company or even the industry is right for you when applied for a job.


34. Discus your specific accomplishments (achievement, act) that demonstrate a proactive attitude. (Energetic, driven)


35. Smile and say hello to everyone. A positive reaction from the support staff as an important factor in the evaluation.


36. Try to relate your answers to the interviewer and his or her company.


37. If you are employed, focus on what you want in your next job.


38. Relax and remember that this ‘meeting’ is important as much for as it is for your interviewers.


39. Try to predict the questions your CV may prompt and have confident answers to those questions.


40. Be aware of your body language and stay focused, listening politely to what the interviewer has to say and be positive and enthusiastic.